The Opioid/Fentanyl Crisis & the Need for Narcan In Our Schools

The Facts on Adolescents and Opioids

  • Over 100 adolescents in Wisconsin have died in the last 10
    years from a drug overdose
  • Many of our children are experimenting with non-opioid drugs,
    including marijuana, Adderall, Ecstasy, and others which have
    been laced with deadly fentanyl by drug dealers and cartels
  • An adolescent unknowingly overdosing on fentanyl has 7 to 8
    minutes to live, unless the opioid antagonist Narcan is
    administered. EMT’s can’t respond fast enough.
  • The need is for Narcan (Over-The –Counter nasal opioid
    overdose reversal antidote) to be readily available at all times in
    schools, not just in the school office, locked up after 4:00pm
  • By State law any school personnel are indemnified for trying to
    revive a student with Narcan, as well as is any individual citizen
    under the WI Good Samaritan Act
  • To provide Narcan in all our public schools would be a one-time
    cost of $1.20 per student
  • Over 60% of 6th-12th graders report using alcohol or another
    illegal substance in 2022