Overdose Aid Kits

Overdose Aid Kits, or O.A.K.s, are sturdy metal boxes containing Narcan and other essentials that can be mounted on a wall. In a school this might typically be in the gymnasium, near the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). They may also be placed in public-accessible buildings such as libraries, gas stations, convenience stores, etc.

It is critical that any deployed O.A.K. box is available 24/7. An overdose victim typically has 7 minutes before respiratory failure occurs, and thus it is vital to administer Narcan before the victim stops breathing.

In addition to the life-saving drug NARCAN, O.A.K. boxes also include instructions on how to administer the drug in an emergency as well as other information and resources for those impacted by the opioid epidemic (see picture).

Placement of Overdose Aid Kits by The GIV Recovery Fund, Start Healing Now, and other affiliates

We have placed kits all over the U.S. but in particular within the state of Wisconsin.